Like Curry? You will Love the famous Curry Night at The Locks – Every Friday Night


With a vast cuisine dictated and inspired by many things including huge variations in climate and geography, historical political transitions and religious traditions, ‘curry’ is a very, very insignificant word to describe the cooking of an entire subcontinent, let alone the rest of South East Asia and countries which by dint of trade, immigration, emigration and even conquest have a cuisine influenced by it.

However, on our ‘curry’ night every Friday we pay homage to our country’s love of this most wonderful food. You won’t find a huge array of dishes as in one of the many fine Indian or Asian restaurants around here, but you will find a specials board with a different selection each week of entirely home made ‘from scratch’ dishes in generous portions.

Our curry cook Colin has had the good fortune throughout his pub career to work with several fine Thai and Indian chefs, and in our multi-cultural big cities eaten and cooked with friends and neighbours from curry eating nations. That, and his own deep passion for ‘curry’ dishes has inspired the Locks curry night ,one of the longest established along the Waveney Valley, much copied now, but seldom equalled.


So, on our menu you might find restaurant classics, authentic regional dishes, our own house specials and even very contemporary fusions inspired by classic Asian cuisine. We put on well over 100 different curries throughout the last year so, to get a taste of what we offer, there are some sample menus below.